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Saturday, 13 September 2014

How it feels to marry your best friend

"I do!"

Exactly a year ago today, on Friday 13 September 2013 I married my best friend and love of my life, Christopher.

We met in our first year of university in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, way back in 2002 when we were just 18 and 19 years old.  Rory, a mutual friend of ours, introduced us on a night out at the student's union.  Our first meeting was fairly unremarkable; there are no tales to tell of our eyes meeting across a crowded dance floor or fireworks going off as we spoke our first words to each other.  Sorry to disappoint!

As the first year of uni rolled on (one of the best years of my life so far without a doubt!) we got to know each other a bit better whilst just hanging out in a large group of mates, getting up to no good and having far too much fun to get any work done.  Like typical students we went to parties and out to clubs, and sat around at home watching movies, eating pizza not achieving very much.  By the end of the first year we were friends but nothing more.  

When the summer came we went our separate ways.  Chris went home to Lancashire to see his parents and start his summer job.  I went back home to London to earn some money temping in the City before heading off for a 3 week backpacking trip to Thailand on my own which ended up being one of the best travel experiences I've ever had. 

That summer we called each other a few times and chatted for hours on the phone, the way you only do when you're young and everything is so new and exciting.  God knows what we talked about but we were just taking our time getting to know each other and gradually starting to realise how much we 'clicked'. 

After my magical holiday in Thailand I came bouncing back to university full of renewed self-belief and with stories to tell of my tropical adventure.  I felt so good about myself and I remember radiating positivity and confidence.  On the first night of term the whole gang was reunited and a load of us went to the pub.  I remember seeing Chris there and sitting on his lap talking to him and his good friend Jim who was visiting from Edinburgh university (who ended up being Chris' Best Man!).  It was the first time I think we ever really flirted with each other and I remember lots of cheeky banter and us laughing hysterically at whatever we were joking about.  Little did I know it was the start of something that would change both our lives forever.

Over the next few months we became pretty much inseparable, and without even realising it I had found my new best friend.  We whiled away that autumn enjoying long, lazy afternoons in the pub talking for hours filling each other in on the past and dreaming about the future.  Going on nights out and dancing until dawn with our amazing group of shared friends.  It was a fun and wild time and we were loving it.

In November that year we went on a little trip up to Edinburgh to see Jim and this is where we finally had our first kiss!  It was only in that moment that I realised what had been right in front of my eyes for months and months - I was in love with my best friend and he loved me too.  

At first I was scared of making a commitment, but after a few weeks of navigating the tricky transition between being best friends and being a couple we settled into something that felt completely natural and right.  And so began the big romance of our lives.

Since getting together all those years ago we've spent our 20s having a crazy amount of fun, making mistakes, and trying new things.  There have been many happy experiences and also difficult times that really tested us as individuals and put stress on our relationship.  It certainly hasn't been all sunshine and roses but it's all been part of our story and I wouldn't change a thing.  

After 10 incredible years together, when I was 30 years old, Christopher finally asked me to marry him in the beautiful Atlas Mountains of Morocco.  And so began the next chapter of our lives together...

It feels so incredibly special to marry your first love.  Someone you knew as a teenager who has seen you grow and change into the person you are today.  We've shared some of life's big experiences; university, first jobs, first homes, travelling all over the world.  I remember his graduation day and his time at law school.  He remembers me passing my driving test and all my global adventures which separated us for months at a time.  He was there for me when my beloved dogs Jack and Rosy died.  He remembers our last two family homes in Dulwich and Surrey which we've now sold.  I remember when his parents were  together and I was there to help him pick up the pieces when they separated.  

All such significant life events, which if we'd only met now would have to be explained.  We would have years of catching up to do, years of life experience to fill each other in on.  There would be times in both our lives the other would never truly understand or appreciate.  

I love it that one day when we're old we'll be able to look back over our entire lives and share the memories together. 

I loved being engaged, I adored our beautiful wedding day with all my heart and I'm finding being married the most wonderful thing in the world.  Now almost 12 years since getting together we're celebrating our first wedding anniversary.  What a first year it's been!  Packed full of big life changes... I quit my corporate career (hurrah!) and started this blog which I'm loving creating.  We've been on an amazing honeymoon in Italy, and lots more holidays after that, to see some of our closest friends marry the loves of their lives in amazing locations like Sweden, France, Scotland and Greece.  Now we're planning to buy our first home together and thinking of getting a dog!  

Who know's what our second year of marriage has in store for us but I'm excited to find out.  Here's to my lovely husband and many more anniversary celebrations to come. 


The story of our wedding day in pictures... (all photos by the best wedding photographer in the world, John Alexander)


  1. OMG! I just cried....what a wonderful summation Celia! Oh happy day when you married my love Son & became the Daughter is always hoped for! Your friend & Mum-in-law xxc

    1. Yes it was SUCH a happy day. The best ever! So special to join our families together and celebrate with everyone we love! xxx

  2. A beautiful story and such stunning pictures, Celia! I saw you at The Escape School last night but I arrived just as it was starting and I had to dash off at the end, so I didn't get to say hello. You looked so pretty in your pink jumper!

    1. Thanks Esther!!! Glad you like the pics... I love them! Sorry I missed you at the event last night :) Come see me again soon and we can talk blogging and personal style again. x