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Thursday, 27 November 2014

We are family

All fifteen of my wonderful and totally awesome cousins!

"All of the people around us they say, can they be that close?
Just let me state for the record, we're giving love in a family dose."

Followers of my blog may or may not be aware that I'm half British and half American! I am very lucky to hold passports for both of these wonderful nations and I identify proudly with both cultures.

My mother is from Dayton which is a small, historic and beautiful city in Ohio. The state of Ohio is located in the confusingly named 'mid-west' part of the USA which is actually very close to the East Coast, nowhere near the wild West, so 'go figure' as they say in the US!

To put it in context for anyone who isn't familiar with the geography of America, Ohio is just a stones' throw from some of my favourite places, including amazing cities like Boston, Chicago, Washington D.C., and New York City.

My mum is the eldest of seven (yes seven!) children and she lived in America until her early 20s when she headed off for a big adventure ending up in London which is when I entered her life and the world! 

This time last year I was lucky enough to be with my HUGE American family in Ohio, celebrating Thanksgiving and also enjoying our wonderful second wedding reception which my mum, dad and aunts generously threw for Chris and me. 

This year I am in London for Thanksgiving, far away from almost my entire family who all live in the US, and I really miss them. I've been going to America to visit my family pretty much every year since I was born and 2014 is one of the very rare years that I haven't made it over to visit everyone. It feels horrible!

Last year when everyone made the effort to come together for our wedding party in Dayton it meant SO much to us. To have the whole family gathered in one room felt incredibly special and meaningful. And I know it meant the world to my mum which made it feel even more important to me. 

My grandma and grandpa are no longer alive but I know they would have felt so much joy seeing us all join together celebrating the newest member to join the Staton clan - my husband!

The whole party was a family effort with my aunts all pitching together to arrange our beautiful wedding cake, flowers, and gorgeous Christmassy decorations for the reception venue, including the glitter candles which I absolutely loved making with my mother and aunt Jane. Everyone got involved by suggesting songs for the dancing after dinner which made for such a fun party with everyone on the dance floor all night (which is actually pretty typical of my family anyway!).

So today I am am looking back to last year and remembering what fun we all had together and I'm thinking how thankful I am to have such a large yet close family, full of wonderful people whom I love dearly. 

All of my uncles have been ill in recent times and I am so thankful they are all well and enjoying life. I also want to specially mention my Great Aunt Helen (my grandma's sister) who very sadly died a few days ago. I am very thankful she was able to attend the wedding party and I know she had a great time with the family and was proud to represent my grandma who would have so loved to be there.

I want to say to all my American family how much I love and miss you all, and I can't wait to see you next year when I will visit, no matter what!  

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! x


  1. Lovely post, Celia! Happy belated Thanksgiving to you! As we've only known each other for a short while, you would have no way of knowing that my husband is American so we celebrate the holiday in this household too. Having being part of the Zimmers for over 10 years now, the US feels like yet another home to me (although I had visited and lived there for months at at time even before David and I met) and yes, on Thanksgiving Day when we are not in the US I sorely miss our American family too. If we're all in the country for it next year, we must organise a joint celebration! Have a lovely weekend. xx PS Just like your Mother, I too am one of seven :-)

    1. Hi Esther, so cool that you married an American! I had no idea!! So funny that you are one of 7 too. Lots of similarities between us xx

  2. Great post! You should retag it on facebook! I just read it and enjoyed it a lot! I'm sure everyone else would love to read it too if they haven't yet! Great pictures! That was a great wedding party! We have always loved having relatives overseas- even if I haven't been over many times- its always been 'cool' to get your thoughts on the two cultures! You are a great cousin!! XOXO, Love, Jennifer

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Jennifer! Thanks also for sharing my post with your friends on facebook :) I'm so glad you loved reading it and looking at all the pics. I think the photographer did a great job. Missing you and so looking forward to meeting baby Luke as soon as possible! xxx

    2. So very happy I kept digging deeper and finally found your wedding photos and then the ones taking in the states with all your mom's family, some of who I reconised - but don't quiz me on names. May I say - an exceptionally beautiful bride in a very stunning dress and the groom didn't look to bad either. Best wishes to your mom, Matthew and Sophie. Love Heather 💖💗😊