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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Goodbye 2014... what a year!

It's that time again... a chance to reflect on the past 12 months and look forward to the year ahead. I feel so blessed that for me 2014 was such an awesome year - one of my best ever in fact!

It's no secret to those close to me that I've had a few wobbles in my adult life with some unexplained periods of feeling depressed. Times where life seemed to lose it's shine and where my sparkle sadly left me. But thankfully it's been a couple of years since I last felt this way and now I'm feeling better than I have in a long while.

The year hasn't been perfect (nothing ever is, right?) and the first part of the year dragged a bit as I flailed around at work trying to decide whether to stay or go. But overall, it's been a really positive year for me and I am eternally grateful for all the opportunities that have come my way and all the amazing things I've been lucky to experience. 

A few highlights from this wonderful year:

Started this blog! I have really loved the process of setting up and growing my blog ever since I launched it in May, the night before the last day before leaving my not so great job. There is so much I love about the process of blogging and I will write more about this soon. I feel really proud of myself for giving it a go, and even more chuffed that I'm actually  keeping it going. Apparently most blogs are abandoned within the first 3 months and happily I'm still going 8 months on.  

Landed a job at the coolest company I know: You've all heard a lot about this already but I can't overstate how transformational my summer working for Escape the City was. It felt like opening a window into a new world and letting a rush of much needed fresh thinking into my life. Not to mention the wonderful people I met whilst working there. Other than launching my blog this has got to be the highlight of my whole year.

Significantly reduced my credit card debt: I went from owing more than £15k to owing less than £5k. It's taken serious patience, determination, and self restraint, but I'm nearly there! Just need to keep chipping away and soon I'll be debt free, forever hopefully :) 

Ticked a dream destination off my travel list: Mexico! I'm actually writing this post in the Mexican sunshine right in the middle of a seriously great holiday with Chris. We've kicked back on the beach over Christmas in sleepy Isla Holbox, explored Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza, bought some special mementos at artisan handicraft markets in the Colonial city of Merida, and eaten lots of delicious guacamole and other local dishes. Now we're in Playa del Carmen getting ready to bring in the New Year, before finishing off with 7 days lazing on the beautiful beaches of Tulum, cocktail in hand!

Sorted out my work-life priorities: I spent a lot of time at the start of the year considering why it was that I wasn't feeling happy in my job and what I would need to change in order to feel satisfied and motivated at work. I read career development books and worked out what was truly important  for my professional happiness. The outcome of this self-analysis was quitting my job and doing an amazing internship which has led me to the great role I have now at the New Entrepreneurs Foundation. Finally I'm on the right track in my career!

Travelled all over Europe for some stunning weddings: Lots of friends married this year in far flung destinations. I was lucky to attend weddings all over Europe... on the Greek island of Mykonos, at a pretty lakeside village in Sweden, and in St Tropez in the South of France.

Chris and I celebrated one year of marriage and 12 years together: I really love being married and we have had such a great first year. Our wedding day on Friday 13 September 2013 (unlucky for some, but a lucky day for us!) was unforgettable and I have such happy memories of our engagement, the big day itself, and our lovely honeymoon in Italy. Being with the same person for 12 years isn't always easy but our relationship is certainly the most important and fulfilling thing in my life and I am so thankful for what we have.

I'm a Godmother to be! Some of my best girl-friends announced they are expecting which is just SO exciting! I'm thrilled that my best friend Sam has asked me to be Godmother to her little baby who arrives in June 2015. Such a special honour!

Best of the rest: A few other noteworthy events occured this year including my parents selling our family home in Surrey and moving to a smaller cottage, my sister Sophia moved in with her lovely boyfriend George, and I finally finished my Invisalign treatment and now have straight teeth at last!

So 2014 was a year full of excitement, change and adventure. I wonder what 2015 has in store?

Finally... Happy New Year to all my readers! Thanks so much for following my blog and for supporting me :)

Celia x

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Thanks, Celia x


  1. Ceals, you're an inspiration to us all and I always look forward with great anticipation to your new blog posts... 2014 really has been epic... I hope 2015 brings us both more of the same :-) ... Much love, Christoph xx

  2. Cj happy to find you after all these years. Best wishes on your marriage (better later than never) I hope life continues to be good to you. Continue to enjoy adulthood and married life. Love to you both, Heather (Herbert) 💗💖xx