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Friday, 23 January 2015

"Explore, dream, discover." [Mark Twain]

Happy at the Tulum Mayan ruins - a place I've been dreaming of visiting for over 10 years!

Over Christmas and New Year I was very lucky to spend 3 weeks travelling around Mexico with my husband Chris on a wonderful, exotic, much longed for adventure holiday. 

It's a country I've dreamed of visiting for a very long time and one of those places I just knew in my heart I would totally love. 

We travelled all around the Yucatan Penninsula, enjoying a mix of sunshine, beaches, relaxation, culture, jungle, haciendas, and of course plenty of delicious Mexican food! I've eaten enough guacamole to last me a lifetime that's for sure :)

We spent a week in magical Isla Holbox where we celebrated Christmas, and then moved around a fair bit visiting the famous Chichen Itza Mayan ruins - one of the 7 wonders of the world - and stopping over for a few nights in the colonial city of Merida before headig to Playa del Carmen to Party for New Year's Eve. Our last stop was Tulum, which many reliable sources told us is a beach paradise. 

We swam with dolphins (yes, really), went zip-wiring, rock climbing and abseiling in the jungle, rode horses in the rain on the beach, cycled around the island coastline at sunset, and drank a lot of margaritas!

We had a really fantastic trip although it wasn't entirely perfect as we had dodgy weather for a few days here and there plus some very questionable service at the last place we stayed. So whilst I think our pictures are amazing and we did have a wonderful time, I don't want to pretend that the whole thing was completely faultless from start to finish. That kind of thing just makes people get FOMO and that's not what I want to do here! On this holiday I once again learned that valuable life lesson that nothing is EVER perfect. A good thing for me to keep re-enforcing as I tend to really build things up and anticipate they will be perfect in every way. Of course in reality hardly anything can ever live up to my ridiculous day-dreams.

Anyway...! Overall it was such a fun and romantic holiday. A much needed escape from the cold London winter and an amazing way to end the epic year that was 2014.

This post is very picture heavy but I'm excited to share these photos with you as one of my passions in life is travel photography! In fact I can't believe how little I've shared so far on the blog of all my global travels. I've dedicated a lot of time and money over the last 13 years or so to travelling all over the world and many of my happiest memories are from my globetrotting explorations in far away places. 

Expect lots more travel posts to come your way in 2015... 

Hope you like the photos!   







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Thanks, Celia x


  1. These are such lovely photographs - you and Chris clearly had a wonderful time - a dream realised. Fantastic. xxxx Mumma

  2. Some excellent shots there Celia. Glad you hade a (mostly) greta time.