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Sunday, 22 February 2015

A picture is worth a thousand words

Yes, that's me in the middle! This was on the banks of the River Thames photographing St Paul's Cathedral.

As a special birthday treat (thank you Christopher!) I spent a wonderful Sunday last weekend on a beginners photography workshop around London's South Bank, taught by none other than our amazing wedding photographer John Alexander (if you want to see a few of my favourite pictures from our wedding take a look at this post).

It was a really special and fun day and something I've been wanting to do ever since my parents gave me my first 'serious' camera for my 30th birthday a few years ago. It's a Canon EOS 600D DLSR and I absolutely love it - the quality of the pictures is really outstanding and it's a beautiful piece of kit.

My interest in photography started when I went travelling around the world in my gap year between school and university. I just took a basic point and shoot film camera on the trip, nothing special, but I remember really enjoying capturing all the incredible scenery in the exotic countries I visited. When I returned home I spent hours happily putting together a big photo album of my trip and realised that taking pictures and displaying them in albums is such a great way to re-live happy memories. 

Ever since then I've been pretty obsessed with capturing my life and the world around me and curating my memories in albums. I think it's such a rewarding creative outlet and it makes me ridiculously happy when I take a great picture. I know I drove my friends at university crazy by constantly whipping my camera out even when we were just doing mundane things. The funny thing is that now they are all envious of the photos albums I have documenting some of the best days of our lives. I waste no time at all getting the albums out when people come over and I know they love looking through them and remembering the good times we had.

Over the years I think my photography skills have improved considerably although I still have so much to learn! Hence why I was excited to spend a cold February day out and about in London getting to grips with my beloved but shockingly underused camera.

The course focused on landscape and travel photography and the day was divided into 3 parts: capturing the activity and deliciousness at a street food market, action shots of skate boarders, and night photography of the stunning London skyline. 

I've included my top photos from the day below. All pictures were taken by me, unless I'm in them of course. I'm not going to win any photography prizes just yet but a girl can dream...!

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Thanks, Celia x

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  1. This was a great present - you have a good eye and it shows in the photos you've included here. I loved the photos of the hot dogs! I want one! That camera is going to record a lot of wonderful events in your life - and perhaps I will be in some of your photos! xxx Mumma