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Friday, 17 November 2017

Surrey life

Life lately has gone from calm to crazy as I get busy with my job search whilst trying to juggle the needs of a demanding toddler, and the rest of it. During the week the three of us usually have snatched moments together before work and nursery and our busy days take over, and Christoph rarely sees Leo who is usually asleep by the time he gets home in the evening.

But on the weekend we treasure our special time together as a family and try to chill out and have fun. These days our weekend plans are guided by the moods and energy of our little one who is loving life as a 2 year old! 

Having an energetic toddler to entertain has given us real impetus to try new activities on the weekend - no more lazing on the sofa with Netflix on a rainy afternoon! Leo loves being outside, running around in the fresh air, soaking up every possible new experience. So, we are getting out into the countryside more than ever these days, exploring the Surrey Hills which, luckily, are right on our doorstep. 

A few weeks ago a friend lent us an amazing baby carrier, perfect for taking bigger babies or toddlers on long walks in places where a pram just won't cut it. After too many silly walks where we were struggling to push our city pram through muddy fields and down leafy trails covered in massive tree roots, it was eye-opening for us to ditch the pram and bring Leo with us for a proper long country walk. 

We visited the beautiful Chantry Woods, right outside Guildford town centre. The views from up there are wonderful - you can clearly see the town, surrounding villages and rolling hills, and on the day we went we were lucky to have bright sunshine. We all loved it and are keen to keep exploring the stunning countryside around Surrey. So it's safe to say one of these
 carriers has now shot straight to the top of our wish list!

On our walk in Chantry Woods Leo loved looking around at the view from his little perch on daddy's back. Seeing the world from Leo's innocent baby perspective and watching his wonderment at everything he encountered provided a good reminder of how special life is and how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place. I know we both need to keep making time to slow down, notice and appreciate the small things, even when life gets a bit crazy. 


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