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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

"It's never too late to be what you might have been." [George Eliot]

I have some BIG news to share. Last night I received a phone call that could impact my future in a major way. I discovered I've been successful in my application to become the first ever intern at one of my 'hero' companies, Escape the City!! 

Apparently they received over 80 applications for the internship and then interviewed 15 people. During my interview I was told that all 15 candidates "are seriously over-qualified" for the position and it was going to be tough deciding who to hire. Needless to say I wasn't exactly overflowing with hope that I would get any further in the process. 

A few weeks later I was surprised and thrilled to receive an email telling me I had made it down to the final 3 candidates. I seriously thought my journey would end there, that there was no way they would pick me. 

But I was proved wrong (yet again - must work on that self-belief thing!) when I got the call from Rob - a founding partner of Escape the City - telling me that out of all these people they have decided to pick ME for the job! I can honestly say that out of the many interview processes I've been through over the years never has it felt so utterly fantastic to be successful and get that job offer!

I first heard about the internship a couple of weeks after I quit my City job. My mother would say this is serendipity and I would totally agree! In all the years I've been a fan of their work they have never advertised for an intern before and very rarely take on new staff. 

However, incredibly, within a few weeks of quitting my job and taking a leap into the unknown, the most exciting career change organisation around announces they are looking for someone with my skill set and passions to join them as soon as possible! Coincidence? Luck?! I don't care! I'm just so pleased it's worked out this way.

It's funny to think that I have spent my entire career designing and delivering internship programmes for university graduates and now I'm going to be be intern! I've been given an opportunity I never thought I would have in life to benefit from the hugely valuable learning and intensive development experience that an internship offers and I am so grateful and excited! 

Last night it momentarily struck me that if only I'd the guts and been brave enough to shoot for the stars earlier in life, who knows where I could be by now? Why oh why, I wondered, has it taken me until the grand old age of 32 to finally step up, face my fears and DO something about my goals and dreams. But I know that kind of thinking is futile and spectacularly unhelpful. 

If I turn that negative thinking on it's head and look at my situation from a different perspective, it occurs to me that I simply wasn't ready to act on my intuition before now. I guess everything happens for a reason and for some reason, currently unknown to me, now must be the right time for me to be making these changes. 

On our wedding day last year, on Friday 13th September 2013 no less, my wonderful new husband made a great speech where he joked about us "embracing danger" in life by doing crazy things, such as choosing to marry on the unluckiest day of the century!! 

Joking aside, being offered this dream work opportunity has made me realise I really want to foster a braver attitude, more fearless outlook and more daring approach to my life. 

If I can just keep on pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone, as I have talked about on the blog a few times already, it excites me to think of the awesome life I might be able to create for myself.


  1. Massive congratulations, Ceals!! This is fantastic news and something that your richly deserve. Well done for taking the leap into the unknonw and backing yourself. There's a lesson for us all there...! CJ

  2. How exciting and many congratulations whehoo!!!! You will be amazing as you are with everything you have achieved so far! I agree totally with CJ regarding how scary it must have been to take that leap into the unknown and certainly a massive hint for me and my future! Foxberry :-)